Monday, June 1, 2015

Terrain!! 6mmrpc begins for me with cubes

First week of the mountain reduction and I'm already a little behind! I was trying to get this terrain from the first deadzone ks finished BEFORE the challenge started so I could start with more fun things, like models.

Here are a couple quick WIP shots. it's my first time airbrushing or trying to weather using salt and hairspray, figured terrain was a good place to mess around with some new techniques and shake the cobwebs off the old ones.

And a few of the buildings waiting in the wings...
After I get this bit of terrain out of the way I can work on my Marauder strikeforce which has been based and primed and collecting dust on the shelf for about two months now. Trying to get the terrain done this week in pieces after work but we shall see.


  1. The fact you are working on your painting, and have WIP photos up means you can't possible be behind. Well played.

  2. I was in on this last KS and had to back out due to money conflicts...sorely disappointed I couldn't keep it up after seeing this terrain. Well done sir!