Monday, June 29, 2015

tidying up a bit

A week or two late to the party with the workspace cleanup post, but I found I just wasn't getting anything done, and a big part of that was my cluttered workspace. Having a nice clear spot to start fresh from always feels good at the beginning of a project.
Also a severe lack of natural light, it was time for a change.

after : )
Same room, different wall, like a weekend's worth of work but I couldn't be happier. Feels so much nicer, really excited to start getting some more work done!

Dad, I think we need to have a talk...
My dog, Oni (for whom this blog is named), looking a little intimidated by the mountain of plastic that awaits.


  1. Brilliant reorganization! Good looking dog too!

  2. Its amazing what a clean work space can do for getting painting done. I feel so much more inspired when Im not distracted by mess. Im pretty good at keep my desk managable... if only I could convince my husband to sort his model clutter, Id be so much happier.
    Beautiful dog too!