Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wraithguard! Paint on a model!!

Some WIP shots of the test wraithguard.

 All the paints are GW so far. When I go to do one of his other arm sets I'm going to see if I can't match the GW colors with some of the Minitaire airbrush paints I have.

I was super heavy handed with the Casandra Yellow shade in places (you can see it on the left forearm) but once it is covered up it shouldn't be too bad, just a little shiny. The ghost swords are Runefang Steel washed with Druchii Violet, I think it is following the painting guide that was in White Dwarf when the Iyanden supplement came out. I have to go in and give them another wash but it will probably look decent once its been darkened up and highlighted. Still not sold on it though.

Here are a few shots from earlier in the process...

Basing material was good ol' elmers glue, sand, and coarse kitty litter. Mix a little bit of the sand into the glue to make it more of a paste and a couple drops of water. I read somewhere that the water helps break the surface tension between the glue and the sand. Or its just for luck. Either way, it seems to work better for me with a few drops of water. Mix it up and apply with the sacrificial basing brush.

 After a thick layer of the glue/sand mixture is on the base, I take some of the bigger pieces of kitty litter to use for rocks and sprinkle some more sand on top to give it a little more texture.

He is pinned but not glued so I could base around his feet and then take him off and rinse his toes before anything dried and prime the base and wraithguard separately.

That's it for now. Have to finish off his yellow layer, swords, a bit. And some freehand on his head if I'm feeling super ambitious (which I AM!).


  1. Looking good. I actually really like the blades on the swords. Whole army going to be in blue/yellow?

    1. Hey Ry, thanks for checking out the blog. Yea the craftworld my army comes from, their main color scheme is yellow with blue accents. Using white, black, and bone to break it up/differentiate between squads.

  2. Like said before, I also like the swords. May have to hunt up some bits on eBay for some conversion work.